We are pleased to announce we are launching a range of extinguisher products.

Offering a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers and accessories, all the extinguisher we are now supplying will come with a fire blanket to be placed near the extinguisher, as well as glow-in-the-dark signage that ensures visibility, even in a worst-case scenario (building fire with no lights).  The range includes a 6-litre water mist, 6L wet chemical, 6L Eco-foam, 6L water and 2kg carbon dioxide extinguishers.

Phil Burgin, Operations Director has said the following…

“We are pleased we can now offer a portable extinguisher service which includes surveys, routine maintenance and installations. Our engineers are qualified, multi-disciplined and have fully stocked vans. This allows us to complete a variety of tasks in a single visit, giving the customer a cost-effective high-quality service with minimal disruption.”

The range is colour coded which helps distinguish each extinguisher as they all have different intended functions and getting them wrong may result in making the fire worse.

Our new red water mist extinguisher is the best all-rounder, capable of putting out Class-A-Fires (wood, paper & textiles), Class-F-Fires (cooking oil and fats), as well as electrical-fires. Finally, it can put out Class-B-Fires (flammable liquids or liquefiable solids). This great range of coverage makes it a great fit for any business.  The water mist extinguishers are recognised as CE-0086 product & LPCB certified.

We are also supplying yellow wet chemical extinguishers which are specifically designed for use on Class-F-fires involving cooking appliances containing oil, making it suitable for Class-A-fires. The “wet chemical agent,” this extinguisher works in a similar way to the active agents in the Ansul kitchen fire products we install (R-102 and the smaller Piranha systems).  So, wet chemical extinguishers are most suited to kitchen environments. The wet chemical extinguishers are recognised as CE-0086 product & are LPCB certified.

Also new is our black water extinguisher which is designed for Class-A-fires (wood, paper & textiles), making it a great fit for any office, school, hospitals, residential properties or commercial property. The water extinguishers are recognised as CE-0086 product and are LPCB certified.

Another new offering is our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher which is rated for Class-B-Fires (flammable liquids or liquefiable solids) as well as extinguishing electrical fires. Being non-toxic and leaving no residue, CO2 will not harm machinery or electrical equipment. This CO2 extinguisher is fitted with a ‘safe to hold’ frost free horn as standard. The CO2 extinguishers are Kitemark (KM-57904) BS-EN3 certified, as well as recognised as CE-0086 product, LPCB certified.

Last but not least is the cream eco-foam extinguisher which has been tested on Class-A-fires (wood, paper & textiles) and Class-B-Fires (flammable liquids or liquefiable solids). The Eco-Foam extinguishers are Kitemark (KM-57904) BS-EN3 certified, as well as being a CE-0086 product, LPCB certified.

All our extinguishers are supplied with a fire blanket which should be located with the extinguisher. The fire blanket can be used to smother flames and extinguish any flames on a person’s clothing.

About Cannon Fire Protection

With over 30 years of experience, Cannon Fire Protection has developed an excellent reputation within the fire protection industry throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Independent auditing of our quality management systems, contracting and service operations ensures the very best provision of support in our sector. Cannon Fire Protection and sister company are part of the Asset Protection Group.