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Fryers, Griddles, Chargrills, Salamanders, Ranges, Hobs, Bratt Pans, Impingers, Tandoor ovens, Wok burners & Stockpot ranges.

Why use Ansul Piranha?

The responsibility for fire safety sits with the designated ‘responsible person’. It is their legal responsibility to conduct a full Fire Risk Assessment as required under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This requires all establishments to conduct and document their own FRA (Fire risk assessment). The RP should be sufficiently trained in completing this assessment and particular attention should be given to those areas which create the greatest risk of fire or the safety of public and employees. These areas should be given careful consideration on how to lessen the fire risk or safety risk to an acceptable standard preferably by removing the risk altogether. Often in these circumstances, special means such as local application fire systems should be considered, especially if part of the risk is the movement of cooking appliances under an extract canopy.

It may also be a requirement of a Company’s insurance policy to have a fire suppression system within a Kitchen. Insurance companies are increasingly specifying fire suppression for their clients and there may be benefits to policy terms if systems are installed. In circumstances where appliances regularly move, the ceiling is of a ventilated type, or a long downtime caused by a fire and subsequent system operation can mean a critical blow to production, we highly recommend the ANSUL® Piranha Kitchen Fire Suppression system and can implement this proven system within your environment.

What is ANSUL® Piranha?

The ANSUL® Piranha is a hybrid of the R-102 which is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system throughout the world, the Piranha gives all the benefits of Ansul kitchen fire suppression but has these further benefits over standard R-102 and R-102 overlapping.

Due to its minimal footprint it’s great when the use of space is important & you want to reduce install time.

It’s an overlapping system, so;
• Changes to the appliances and the cookline are still covered*
• Future proofs the kitchen and keeps costly modifications down to a minimum
• High proximity nozzles, so high you’ll barely see them

Compared to Ansul R-102 appliance specific;
• It gives overlapping protection
• Is comparable on price

Compared to Ansul R-102 overlapping;
• Nozzles are higher
• Footprint is much smaller

    How does ANSUL® Piranha work?

    The system consists of a specified number of enclosures with agent tanks, mains water feed, activation mechanisms and pilot cartridges mounted within the Kitchen, or as close as possible to it. From these, a network of distribution pipelines are installed to supply the delivery nozzles, along equally spaced intervals above the appliances within the plenum and inside extraction ducts, with extinguishing agent upon activation.

    Once the system has been purged of extinguishing agent, the water valve releases allowing mains water on a dedicated feed to flow almost uninterrupted behind the extinguishing agent and flow through the same nozzles. The point of this secondary media is to accelerate the cooling of the appliances and cooking surfaces thus reducing the heat below the auto-ignition temperature, and allowing the clean-up to happen and the kitchen to arrange recharge and re-start production meaning less down time

    A tensioned cable is installed within the plenum area which contains fusible links at duct entrances and above at-risk appliances. These links are set to melt at a pre-determined temperature allowing automatic activation. In addition, an emergency manual pull station (two can be fitted to any one system) is placed within the kitchen at a route of egress, this can be pulled to speed up the deployment of the system.

    The system is only pressurised at the cartridge’s location prior to activation. One of two actions must happen for the agent to deploy:

    • Automatic Activation
    • Manual Activation 

    When either of these actions is implemented, it allows the activation mechanism to operate, piercing the gas cartridge and pressurising the agent tank(s). These in turn, force out the agent into the distribution lines and out through the nozzles onto the appliances, into the plenum and into the ducts, and onto the source of the fire. The chemical agent will react with burning oils/fats to form a foam that smothers and cools the source of the fire.

    The system also has the capability of activating a building fire alarm system (via additional equipment, such as an Input/output unit on an Addressable system), as well as integrating with fuel shut off systems (i.e. gas interlock), using integrated switches.

    Each ANSUL® Piranha Kitchen suppression system is specifically engineered to each individual customer’s needs and designed to a strict specification that has been tested, and approved, by various organisations and Underwriters.

    All enclosures, tanks, pipework and nozzles in, and around, the cooking area are constructed from catering grade stainless-steel.

    Here to help

    Cannon Fire Protection is a leading UK Authorised Distributor of ANSUL® R-102 and Ansul Piranha Kitchen suppression systems. All of our Sales team, Engineers and estimators are ANSUL® Qualified on design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the ANSUL® R-102 & Piranha range.


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