Fire Suppression Products & Services

Within our service portfolio, you will find everything needed to support any fixed fire suppression requirements:



Our in-house design team provide you with all the support necessary to deliver a complete fire suppression package. From preparing complex flow calculations to preparing drawings in AutoCAD, our designers and estimators are here to support you.



Whether you are looking for a synthetic system within a small server room, or a large Watermist system covering a number of diesel generators, the installation process should be conducted efficiently and professionally. From start to finish, our dedicated installation team will provide you with a turn-key package for your fixed fire suppression requirements.



Planned Preventative Maintenance forms an essential part of the on-going preservation of an effective fixed fire suppression system. In the event of an actual fire scenario, having the confidence and peace of mind that your customers’ system will effectively accomplish what it was designed to do is crucial.


Cylinder Service Exchange

Fire suppression systems utilise high-pressure vessels which, unfortunately, may develop a leak within their service life, or may become due for regulatory Hydrostatic testing 10-year Testing. Typically, the cylinder, or bank of cylinders, will require a Service Exchange. A Service Exchange is part of a cylinder’s life-cycle process.


Room Integrity Testing

A Room Integrity Test, or RIT, is undertaken to ensure that on discharge, the extinguishing agent achieves the correct concentration and maintains it for a minimum retention time value, above a defined minimum protected height.


Room Air Sealing

A total flood suppression system’s retention time is influenced by the type of agent, the volume of the protected area, the height of protected equipment and the number, size and positions of leakage paths.



If your building or facility has a fire suppression system in operation, you should already know that it is crucial to refill the system as soon as possible after every discharge. If a system has activated to put out a fire, or it has been accidentally discharged, it is now no longer prepared to extinguish any following fire.


10-Year Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is compulsory and must be carried out every 10 years from the manufacturer’s date stamped on the body of the container and it is an offence not to do so.


Over Pressure Venting & Post Fire Extraction

It is important that correctly designed, and engineered, Over Pressure Vents (OPV) are fitted within enclosures protected by a gaseous suppression system. This is to prevent the possibility of the structural integrity of the area failing.



Aerosol Suppression Systems

Aerosol suppression systems have been around for many years, but many people are not aware of their market presence. These systems are ‘Green’ being non-toxic and containing no CFCs or HFCs.


Water Mist Systems

A water mist system is a fire protection system which utilises water, high pressure and specialized sprinkler spray-heads to form very fine water droplets, ranging from 50 to 300µm depending on the system design.


Inert Gaseous Systems

With today’s world constantly pushing towards ‘Green’, Inert gases are an excellent choice for today’s fire suppression systems. These agents are based on naturally occurring gases found all around us – even in the air, that we breathe.


Synthetic Gaseous Systems

Synthetic gaseous agents are suppression agents that have a couple of unique features. Firstly, they are man-made and not naturally occurring gases like Inert gaseous agents. Secondly, synthetic gases exist in liquid form until the time of deployment.



Firetrace is a simple, self-activating, pneumatic fire suppression system that offers the widest versatility and is safe against malfunction, which results in the best cost-performance ratio. It can be used anywhere – from the inside of a photocopier to the mechanical housing on a dock-side crane.


Ansul R102

ANSUL®R102 is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system in the world. It is a fixed, wet chemical, Low pH extinguishing system that blends seamlessly into any commercial kitchen.



Ansul Piranha

The ANSUL® Piranha is a hybrid of the R-102 which is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system throughout the world, the Piranha gives all the benefits of Ansul kitchen fire suppression but has these further benefits over standard R-102 and R-102 overlapping.


Extinguishers Range

Cannon 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is quality LPCB certified to BS EN3. All of our extinguishers are also supplied with Glow-in-the-Dark signage, so they right extinguisher can always be seen/found, as well as Fire Blankets.

Types of Extinguisher we supply. 

  • Watermist
  • Water
  • CO2
  • Wet Chemical
  • EcoFoam

Fire Sprinklers

We come out to your site and carry out an in-depth survey and then design a bespoke sprinkler system that suits your particular occupancy. We would also develop a service schedule that not only suits you but ensures that your system is compliant with statutory regulations.

Sprinkler Systems we install:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler
  • Deluge systems
  • Dry Rise system
  • Hose Reels
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Watermist Systems 

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