Ansul R-102


Fryers, Griddles, Chargrills, Salamanders, Ranges, Hobs, Bratt Pans, Impingers, Tandoor ovens, Wok burners, Stockpot ranges, Fish & Chip ranges.

Why use Ansul R-102?

The responsibility for fire safety sits with the designated ‘responsible person’. It is their legal responsibility to conduct a full Risk Assessment on all aspects of a business, with each process being evaluated.

A commercial kitchen will almost certainly be identified as a significant fire risk in any Risk Assessment. The risk within a commercial kitchen clearly cannot be entirely removed, as food still needs to be cooked, and so the responsible person must choose the most effective means of managing the risk. It may also be a requirement of a Company’s insurance policy to have a fire suppression system within a Kitchen. Insurance companies are increasingly specifying fire suppression for their clients and there may be benefits to policy terms if systems are installed. We highly recommend the ANSUL® R-102 Kitchen Fire Suppression system and can implement this proven system within your environment.

But what is ANSUL® R-102?

ANSUL R-102 is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system in the world. It is a fixed, wet chemical, Low pH extinguishing system that blends seamlessly into any commercial kitchen. 

The system consists of a specified number of enclosures with agent tanks, activation mechanisms and pilot cartridges mounted within the Kitchen, or as close as possible to it. From these, a network of distribution pipelines is installed to supply the delivery nozzles above each appliance, within the plenum and inside extraction ducts, with agent upon activation.

A tensioned heat-link detection line is installed within the plenum and an emergency manual pull station (or more if required) is placed within the kitchen at a route of egress. All enclosures, tanks, pipework and nozzles in, and around, the cooking area are of stainless steel construction.

The system is only pressurised at the cartridge’s location prior to activation. One of two actions must happen for the agent to deploy:

  • Automatic Activation
  • Manual Activation

How does ANSUL R-102 work?

When either of these actions is implemented, it allows the activation mechanism to operate, piercing the gas cartridge and pressurising the agent tank(s). These, in turn, force out the agent into the distribution lines and out through the nozzles onto the appliances, into the plenum and into the ducts, and onto the source of the fire. The chemical agent will react with burning oils/fats to form a foam that smothers and cools the source of the fire.

The system also has the capability of activating a building fire alarm system (via additional equipment, such as an Input/Output unit on an Addressable system), as well as integrating with the fuel shut off systems (i.e. gas interlock), using integrated switches.

Each ANSUL® R-102 Kitchen suppression system is specifically engineered to each individual customer’s needs and designed to a strict specification that has been tested, and approved, by various organisations and Underwriters.

Here to help

Cannon Fire is a UK Authorised Distributor of ANSUL R-102 Kitchen suppression systems. All of our Engineers are ANSUL® Qualified on design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the ANSUL® R-102 range.


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