Why is refilling important?

If your building or facility has a fire suppression system in operation, you should already know that it is crucial to refill the system as soon as possible after every discharge.

If a system has activated to put out a fire, or it has been accidentally discharged, it is now no longer prepared to extinguish any following fire. With no agent to disperse, even a small fire could lead to severe property loss or damage if it cannot be contained as quickly as it would with a working system.

In the same instance, if a cylinder is found to be leaking and the charge pressure has dropped, the system can’t operate as intended, in some instances, may not operate at all.

How do we refill your system?

Typically, if a system has discharged, gas suppression cylinders are replaced on an ‘Exchange and return’ basis. Most types of agent cylinders are stocked by suppliers and usually have a short turn-around on replacements. On rare occasions, the cylinder may be of a unique type, or stocks on a particular manufacturer may be low, and it may be necessary to remove the cylinders for refill at a licensed filling station before being returned to site and re-fitted.

ANSUL® kitchen suppression systems are refilled on site, after a ‘flush out’ of the system pipework, following a discharge. This is crucial for the correct operation of the system on the next activation. It is normally possible to have an ANSUL® kitchen suppression system back up and running on the same day as a discharge.

Where the charge pressure has dropped in a gas suppression cylinder, in special circumstances (i.e. the cylinders cannot be removed as it would leave a critical area totally unprotected, and/or they are not a readily available type), it is possible to refill the gas on site, but as standard, they will be Service Exchange.

Suppression systems contain highly pressurized agents and it is strongly advised that only trained and licenced personnel attempt the removal and re-filling of such cylinders.

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    Cannon Fire works closely with a number of licenced Re-fill companies and all of its Engineers are trained in the safe handling of pressurized cylinders, their associated systems and are ANSUL® authorised. Please feel free to contact us if you require further advice.

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