Education is a top priority for fire protection, schools present unique risks when discussing fire suppression. Specialised fire protection equipment is the only viable solution for reducing the threat of fire within schools and educational establishments.

We believe schools, nurseries, colleges & universities deserve high-quality security and protection to ensure children and others being educated get the best chance to study in a safe and secure environment, where every precaution has been taken to secure the establishment.

Across this sector, there is a variety of issues that educators and board members should be aware of, because their decisions directly impact the students, parents & staff.

In a school environment, we can help protect your IT Classroom, server rooms, Libraries & Kitchens.

IT Classroom, Server rooms & Libraries.

Cannon Fire Protection can provide water mists systems to environments that need protecting in an environment where covering the assets in water or other flame suppression liquid is not possible, as it would cause further damage (such as IT Classrooms, server rooms, Libraries).

Water Mist

A water mist system is a fire protection system which utilises water, high pressure and specialized sprinkler spray heads to form very fine water droplets, ranging from 50 to 300µm depending on the system design.


We also provide equipment to schools and colleges such as, ANSUL R-102 Kitchen systems, which is fitted above cookers and will put the fire out. These systems can be supplied to school kitchens.


What is ANSUL® R-102?

ANSUL® is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system in the world. It is a fixed, wet chemical, Low pH extinguishing system that blends seamlessly into any commercial kitchen.

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