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Industrial & manufacturing Overview

Manufacturing and Industry sector sometimes as production sector, This includes all branches of human activities that transform raw materials into products or goods. Additionally, this sector includes the processing of raw materials, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing and industry.

Typically, we install to Conveyor systems, Chemical Storage, extinguishers & sprinkler systems.

Conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems in general have a fire risk due to external events and equipment failure. However, the flammable nature of products including the ability of some types to self-ignite introduces an exceptional hazard requiring special consideration. Typically, we would install a water mist system.

Water mists
A water mist system is a fire protection system which utilises water, high pressure and specialized sprinkler spray heads to form very fine water droplets, ranging from 50 to 300µm depending on the system design.

Chemical storage

Typically, in a chemical storage environment, there are flammable and other volatile substances so fires or explosions are more likely to occur when vapours or liquids are released from a controlled environment to areas where there may be an ignition source, or, alternatively, when an ignition source is introduced into a controlled environment. Incidents involving flammable liquids commonly arise during transfer operations, including movement from storage, decanting or dispensing, movement within premises, and dealing with spillages. Contents can include harmful substances such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other explosive gases, so it is critical that no water is used in a potential fire suppression solution, in this instance we would install an inert gas system or an Aerosol system.

Inert Gas

Inert gas systems extinguish a fire by lowering Oxygen levels (which are typically around the 21% mark) within a protected area, but within ‘safe for life support’ limitations.

Aerosol System

The Aerosol agent is usually housed either in a fixed cylindrical (small to medium areas) or square (large areas) container and activated through an electrical current introduced via, for example, a control panel.

Extinguishers Range

Cannon 6 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher is quality LPCB certified to BS EN3. All of our extinguishers are also supplied with Glow-in-the-Dark signage, so they right extinguisher can always be seen/found, as well as Fire Blankets.

Types of Extinguisher we supply. 

  • Watermist
  • Water
  • CO2
  • Wet Chemical
  • EcoFoam

Fire Sprinklers

We come out to your site and carry out an in-depth survey and then design a bespoke sprinkler system that suits your particular occupancy. We would also develop a service schedule that not only suits you but ensures that your system is compliant with statutory regulations.

Sprinkler Systems we install:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler
  • Deluge systems
  • Dry Rise system
  • Hose Reels
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Watermist Systems 

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