It’s not unheard of to spend in excess of 100K these days on one commercial kitchen, in fact, recent reports suggest the average cost of the kitchen in a commercial enterprise is £60,000. What with life becoming busier and busier, more families and friends turn to the leisure industry to cater to their needs. Add to this a curiosity for international diversity, the result is a mass density of chains, and independents, all showcasing their sometimes ’weird and wonderful’ menus on many high streets and retail parks across the UK.

Things have moved on from the old-fashioned diners and takeaways of the 60’s and the 70’s, to the convenience and choice of the 21st Century. Almost anything goes… you can even have a choice of different cuisines delivered right to your door without even picking up the telephone or visiting an ATM. What makes all this possible is the entrepreneurial talent that many business and talented chefs from all around the world,  that have created to captivate the public.

Unfortunately, whilst a Commercial kitchen can make a business, it’s also one of the highest risks of fire. Whether through user error, appliance malfunction or just general hustle and bustle, fires can start and very quickly reach the point of no return. This is when it is vital that you have the back-up of an Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System. Either the Ansul R102 or the Ansul Pirhana system, these systems are tried and tested. 


Ansul Distributor

Since 2006 Cannon Fire Protection has been an Accredited Ansul ® R-102 Systems Distributor. Additionally, our Engineers and Designers are fully trained and certificated.

In 2019 Cannon Fire Protection completed training for the Ansul® Piranha system.

To read more about Ansul Distributorship visit our Ansul page.


1. Ansul R102

The system also has the capability of activating a building fire alarm system (via additional equipment, such as an Input/Output unit on an Addressable system), as well as integrating with the fuel shut off systems (i.e. gas interlock), using integrated switches.

Each ANSUL® R-102 Kitchen suppression system is specifically engineered to each individual customer’s needs and designed to a strict specification that has been tested, and approved, by various organisations and Underwriters.

2. Ansul Piranha

The ANSUL® Piranha is a hybrid of the R-102 which is the leading Kitchen Fire suppression system throughout the world, the Piranha gives all the benefits of Ansul kitchen fire suppression but has these further benefits over standard R-102 and R-102 overlapping.

Due to its minimal footprint, it’s great when the use of space is important & you want to reduce install time.


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