Recent SP203-3 audit by BAFE, which highlights our continued commitment to high-quality gas fire suppression.


We have completed our BAFE SP203-3 audit which we passed with no non-conformities identified. Part of the audit was an inspection of a system that Cannon installed. 

This audit maintains our BAFE Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression systems SP203-3 accreditation which means we are certified by BAFE for the design, installation, commissioning & maintenance of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems.

Malcolm Evans, Senior Suppression Engineer said the following…

Yet another successful BAFE audit with no non-conformities. This demonstrates our commitment as a Company in providing, and maintaining, the best possible service for our customers and this satisfactory result was mainly thanks to the hard work, and professionalism, shown by our dedicated installation team. 

This certification applies to the Inert Gas, Synthetic Gas & Firetrace systems that we install.

Gas fire suppression is suited specifically to data centres and other mission-critical buildings, gas suppression protects the processes of a given business, reduce the risk of catastrophic damage, protect people and guard against crippling business downtime.

Whereas other systems such as sprinklers are there to protect individual safety and protection of the building.

Passing this audit shows Cannon Fire Protection’s commitment to be an industry leader for the installation of fire suppression equipment. Because of the life-saving nature of the systems we install, being accredited by a third party is imperative. The verification provided by external examining bodies confirms to our customers that the systems we install are at or above the industry standards and can trust us to make their building as fire safe as possible.

To learn more about the BAFE SP203-3 you can visit BAFE official page, which contains all the information about the SP203-3 scheme. They also have a detailed attachment on the previously mentioned page which contains more information about the scheme. 

About BAFE

BAFE is completely independent and therefore is a totally unbiased party to help competent companies and people in need of fire protection services find each other. There are registered companies across the UK and are both large nationals and smaller regional businesses who have all achieved high-quality standards. To read more about BAFE visit their website.


About Cannon Fire Protection

With over 30 years experience, Cannon Fire Protection has developed an excellent reputation within the fire protection industry throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Independent auditing of our quality management systems, contracting and service operations ensures the very best provision of support in our sector. Cannon is part of the Asset Protection Group.


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