Server room fire suppression systems are becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to mitigate against any operational down time that an electrical fire in a server room or data centre would cause.

At Cannon Fire Protection we operate across a variety of industry sectors, in the design, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems.

Recently we have seen a large increase of inbound enquiries, asking for help and support to protect their server rooms, with insurers in particular having a big drive to ensure this vital part of a business is adequately protected.

But why is a server room fire suppression system so important?  And how exactly does it work in such an effective way?

Read below to find out more.

Why Do I Need a Server Room Fire Suppression System?

Server rooms and data centres contain incredibly expensive pieces of equipment. The technology they use, and the crucial role they play, means they can be a sizeable investment, so it is only right that you want to protect that investment.

A server room fire suppression system can do just that, preventing any catastrophic or irreversible damage and minimising any disruption to your business.

The information these servers store can also be irreplaceable, and the loss of things such as contracts, employee information and ongoing projects can have serious financial or even legal consequences.

Another reason to ensure that you are protected is the fact that the server rooms carry a significant fire risk of their own. Despite your best efforts to stay safe, they can still overheat, malfunction or short circuit causing a fire.

What Does a Server Room Fire Suppression System Do?

A server room suppression system must achieve two important tasks. The first is obviously suppressing the fire and preventing it’s spread. This is achieved by detecting the fire and activating as quickly as possible.

The second job, while not only suppressing the fire, is to save the equipment within the room, stopping any catastrophic loss of data which could cause serious disruption to a business.

How Do I Maintain a Server Room Fire Suppression System?

To ensure that your server room fire suppression system is in full working order and meets all relevant regulations, you should conduct bi-annual maintenance in line with BS EN 15004-1:2019

You should also undertake an annual room integrity test of any room you are protecting. This ensures that the protected enclosure can hold the specified extinguishant concentration level for the appropriate duration to effectively extinguish a fire.

How Can Cannon Fire Help?

Cannon Fire Protection have a dedicated team of fire suppression experts who can help you through every step of your suppression system installation, including the design process to ensure you have a system that keeps you and your data safe.

Once your system is in place, Cannon Fire Protection can also undertake any required maintenance to give you peace of mind all year round.

To speak to our team to find out more about how we can keep you safe, get in touch today by clicking here.